When I first worked with James at The Liberated Mind he had no website and needed guidance in creating one. Whilst he understood his business and his clients’ needs, James needed my help to take his expertise online.

Site Build

We started with a site setup, design and build. In the initial stages we went through a few different versions, trying to find a solution that worked for The Liberated Mind and ticked all the boxes for UX and SEO.

The Liberated Mind website built by SoftStone Digital

Creating a site focus

As with many start-ups, The Liberated Mind was still finding its feet. This meant it was both a challenge and extremely important that we delivered strong and focused messaging across the site.

Here it was James’ expertise that lead the way, helping to guide me with correct terminology and appropriate tone of voice. Once we had established a style, it was easy to recreate that feeling across the rest of the site.

Building Brand Trust

Another problem James faced was recreating his USPs online. The Liberated Mind offers one-to-one sessions for Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP. Put simply, James’ USP is himself. He has nothing but 5 star glowing reviews and his business thrives from word of mouth.

So, how do you recreate that on a website? We decided to create elements on the site that helped bring out James’ personality.

Customer quotes and reviews featured on every page. I was lucky that James had already built up a collection of genuine reviews, all we had to do was put them around the site to help promote a feeling of trust.

We also relied on multiple types of media including videos and photos to make sure that James himself was ever-present on the website. After all, we were selling a service (sessions with James) not a physical product.

Finally the feel of the site had to do a number of things. We wanted it to be modern, but not overly clinical; so that users would feel confident in the quality of the product, but welcomed simultaneously.

Brand Identity

We kept the site light and bright, and added touches of vibrant colour and organic textures. A lot of the images around the blog are uplifting, lifestyle images designed to be empowering. We stayed away from any clinical pictures of coaching sessions; The Liberated Mind is after all about ‘Empowering you to reach your full potential’.

The Liberated Mind website - built by SoftStone Digital.


James is a competent writer and more than happy to spend time creating blogs that will genuinely help users who are having problems with stress, relationships or confidence to name a few. Where SoftStone Digital came in was helping James to create personas which in turn helped him to think about touch-points and search-intent.

With a little guidance James was able to do his own keyword research and create content based on what his users want to read, not what he thought they wanted.

Formatting & Optimising

The final step was to optimise James’ articles. We wanted to create content that was a great reading experience as well as optimised for search. To avoid changing any important details of James’ work, I left his content intact. It’s important that the messaging and meaning of the content isn’t altered or twisted just for the sake of optimising for search. The changes I make are usually to do with headers, meta descriptions, URL slugs and image alt-text.

Search impressions over 6 months

As a result we have seen impressions grow 10-fold over the last 6 months.

We see this as a great success, however, it’s just the start of helping James get his site performing the way he wants it to. We can now work on improving CTR by continuing to produce content that will match his prospective client’s queries.

Trying to balance running your own business as well as doing your own marketing can be tough. James often finds it difficult to find the time or inspiration to write the content. If that sounds familiar, then don’t worry you’re not alone.

This is where SoftStone Digital can step in. With extensive experience writing for clients, copywriting for a major e-commerce company and writing for an online magazine – I can help you produce high-quality written content that matches your brand’s tone of voice and stays true to your messaging.

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