When it comes to engaging with your audience, creating original content is so important. Some of my clients find it hard to make the time to write blogs and articles, whilst others just struggle to find the inspiration. 

Whether you know what you want to write about or not, I can help. I can write-up from your existing notes, or I can do the keyword research and create content that will drive search impressions and answer the queries your audience are already asking.

Depending on the level of research required, an article takes between half a day and a full day.

Marketing Plan

If you’re after a marketing plan to guide you on next steps I can produce a jargon-free report:

  • 20 content suggestions
  • 4 audiences / personas to target
  • Touchpoint diagram
  • multi-channel campaign
  • Site Audit

Depending on the size and complexity of your site, this could take anywhere between 1 and 5 days. I can quote you a set timeline and fee in advance for this. 

Site Audits

Site Audits can throw up all-sorts of interesting problems, opportunities and ideas. Whether it’s technical SEO, content gaps or UX (User Experience) – a site audit will give you an idea of your site’s ‘health’. 

Remember good SEO is about creating a good user experience, so it can be as much about site navigation as it can be about the content you’re providing.

A site audit will usually take 1 – 2 days.

Site Setups

Setting a site up from scratch can be a mine-field; even when you have digital experience. Whilst I’m not a developer, I can help you set your site up, including installing your CMS, setting up your SSL certificate, creating pages and posts on your site. 

If you’re looking for a simple website, I recommend using WordPress as your CMS, it’s simple to work with and provides a great platform for themes and plugins as well as CSS and HTML customisation. However, if you want to use something else we can discuss the details before we begin. In the past I’ve worked with HubSpot, Shopify, Magento and Umbraco to name a few.

Pricing will be agreed upfront on all site setups as they can vary enormously and will involve external factors (hosting, UX, design).


  • £85 for half a day
  • £255 for two full days (25% saving)
  • £510 for a full week (40% saving)